Celebrating 15 years

For 15 years, we’ve worked directly with youth from communities of color, initially teaching free classes to provide access to basic foundational design.…However, to move the needle, we knew early on that we’d have to do more.  

Through programs, we’ve been building tirelessly a pathway of learning and career readiness opportunities based on retention & intention. We’ve grown a network of incredible volunteers who continue to teach and build initiatives dedicated to youth empowerment and design education. 

Through advocacy, we’ve been building initiatives to teach outside the classroom, to engage and build community. We knew we had to reach parents and communities—that they would have to see and trust that design was viable, and that designers in the profession could represent the communities they came from. We knew we had to work with mission-aligned individuals and partners, mobilize and educate allies, in order to ensure the space we were preparing our youth for would work to prepare themselves. 

And here we are, turning 15! 

Our history has been through many phases with many mistakes and wins along the way. Setting our sights forward, we dedicate our 15th year theme to “empowering the next generation of black and brown designers”. We look forward to broadening our work to impact communities everywhere. We hope you will join us. Welcome.

Upcoming Events

IP Summer Design Hour is a series of small gatherings and discussions coverings a variety of topics around diversity, design, education, art & culture. On Thursday, August 22nd, San Francisco, join us for an intimate conversation on Building Inclusive Communities. You don’t want to miss this (link).

IP 15th Year Benefit Gala: For our end of year fundraiser, we are focusing on 15 years of work—a retrospective of where we started, where we are now and where we are going. The evening will be a time to celebrate, unite change-makers, and make genuine commitment to youth empowerment and the path towards inclusion and representation.


I never thought the work I was doing during the start of my work with IP would ever lead to where we are now. Back then, I was doing it because I felt like it was my obligation and privilege to give back, and bring other young kids up with me.

By Maurice Woods