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There are many ways to support our mission of bringing design to communities. We are on a mission, to bring design to underserved communities around the world.

No time to volunteer? Consider donating a monthly fee to support our work of providing design education and events for youth. Your donations allow us to continue to provide free classes for our students, build a stronger design curriculum, buy equipment used to work with youth, and expand our reach to more underserved communities of color.

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Sponsor or Partners with Inneract Project:
Ensuring maximum reach and impact is paramount to the programming we develop. Partnering with progressively minded corporate citizens, organizations or educational institutions is critical to the success of Inneract Project. Our partnerships usually involve working with us directly to increase opportunities for our students to explore design as a career. Partnerships could include special events, workshops and in-kind donations.  Please fill out the form below if interested in being a sponsor or partnering with us, and someone will get back to you.