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Our Programs

Inneract Project offers underserved youth access to free classes, public events, studio tours and videos.

Our programs are designed to provide middle and high school youth with free high quality design courses. Inneract Project supplements its design courses with online video documentaries, public events and studio tours to provide context for youth outside the classroom. Primary programming targets underserved minority youth in the SF Bay Area.

Youth Design Academy gives students access to design in an inspirational college setting, at an early age, when we can best cultivate aptitude and curiosity. Real design practitioners introduce middle school students to basic principles of design during weekly sessions. The YDA program emphasizes conceptual, analytical and creative thinking through a sequence of design exercises that encourage idea generation, exploration and creation. Inneract Project connects design professionals with youth in a collaborative effort to help under-resourced kids achieve their highest potential.

Learning Labs are one-day educational events that feature short lectures by design professionals, design-centric workshops, and tours of design studios and museums. Learning Labs are targeted for middle and high school students but they cater to everyone — from students to their parents to the broader community – and aim to serve as an interactive and engaging way to explore many facets of the design industry. Learning Labs are targeted for middle and high school students.



Designed is series of videos documenting a diverse range of design disciplines. IP interviews designers, celebrities and everyday people on the topic of design and its importance in our world. Designers speak about how they got into design, what they do on a daily basis, what advice they have for kids interested in pursuing a design career and what inspires them. Designers represent a diverse range of ethnicities and have a background in businesses and products that are well known and respected by people all over the world.

Video Game Academy (VGA) aims to serve 10 or more high school students with a hands-on curriculum of how to design and build video games. VGA provides four 4-hour classes in which students will learn to use game development software to create their own games, play, test and iterate their games. This course includes classes that focus on game art, the basics of programming, and understanding the fundamentals of game design and software development.

VGA is led by Brian Bartram, a senior game designer with more than ten years of industry experience at companies such as Electronic Arts, Activision  and Ubisoft. Throughout the course of classes, students will get an introduction to the tools, techniques, and community that will help them get started on the path to producing their own video games.