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Ways to partner/support our mission

Looking for ways to support our mission? Find ways in which we have worked with other partners and sponsors in the past.

We provide lectures of designers from companies designing products or services that connect youth to things they like with careers in the field. We would love your support in these endeavors as a Co-sponsor. Design lectures raise awareness and interest in design related careers.

Studio Tours:
Introduce IP to companies that can provide studio tours for students.

We need laptops and digital cameras.

Funding specific program resources for our Entrepreneurship program, Learning Labs and Video documentary series (such as developers, business development specialists and strategists) is an essential part of our continuing effort to provide free classes to youth throughout the nation. Any and every donation really helps! If you would be willing to give $5 – $20 a month for a year, that would help support up to 10 – 20 students a year!

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Corporate Volunteer Program:
Connect IP to corporations willing to support our program through the volunteers at their company. This could be teaching a workshop, sponsorship of an events, board members or working with us on a project.

Connect IP students with startups for design-oriented internships. This is essential in increasing diversity in design. The key is exposure. Informed youth and parents helps bring real world practice to underserved communities and the youth, some from sheltered backgrounds.