Learning Labs

Learning Labs are one-day educational events that feature short lectures by design professionals, design-centric workshops, and tours of design studios and museums. They cater to everyone – from students to their parents to the broader community – and aim to serve as an interactive and engaging way to explore many facets of the design industry.

Learning Labs are divided into the follow areas:

Learning Lab lectures provide context regarding the role of design in the development of products we love and interact with on a daily basis. IP seeks out innovative designers, design directors, and CEOs that have created products or systems we use or see regularly to share their knowledge through interactive presentations (lecture + Q&A). These lectures serve as a platform to bridge the knowledge gap between what design is and what design careers exist. The lectures serve to make the public aware of design’s significance in the world around them. We strongly encourage parents to participate so they may encourage and support their students’ interests and goals.

Learning Lab workshops are one-day classes that provide hands on projects requiring critical thinking and creativity. Classes are structured to provide basic training as well as exposure to a variety of design disciplines. Some of the workshops include designing chairs out of cardboard, creating a basic video game, deconstructing an iPhone app, silkscreening t-shirts and participating in a college design critique. Youth and parents are able to get a basic sense of what design is and what types of projects designers work on in the field.

Learning Lab studio tours give participants real-world context to design as a profession. Inneract Project sets up tours to local design firms and museums as a way to increase transparency and make the profession more tangible. Tours provide the “reality” of the career as seen through the working environment, which we believe is a vital part of the design education process.


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