Partner Video Game Academy

Introducing Video Game Academy at Gateway Middle School

We are excited to introduce our first public school immersion course, where we introduce video game design to...

Inneract Project is excited to announce our partnership with Gateway Middle School, a charter school in San Francisco, to provide students with video game development as an elective course. Brian Bartram, our video game design chair, and Corey Jackson will be teaching the course one day per week to twelve 8th grade students this Fall semester, and again in the Spring.

This partnership marks a big step for Inneract Project as we expand our programs and continue to provide free design education to youth throughout the Bay Area and beyond. As we learn more about how we can serve public schools, we plan to deliver a variety of free courses, ensuring that all youth have equal educational opportunities at their fingertips. Our vision is to have immersive programming at inner-city schools to increase awareness of the design careers that students can pursue at an early age.

We are excited to work with Gateway Middle School on this vision and look forward to a long standing relationship! Many thanks to Rachel Kamen, Chelsea Heikes, and Aaron Watson from Gateway for their support and involvement.

If you are a freelance designer or photographer and are interested in teaching at a school in the future, or a month-long boot camp next summer, please contact us at We are currently interested in working on a photography class and a mobile app class as well as more video game design courses.