Interested in teaching design?

Whether it is teaching, sponsoring an event or class, corporate volunteering, internships for youth, or a field trip to your office, we are always looking for people willing to help us fulfill our mission of bringing design to communities across the SF Bay Area. Please look through the following list for ways you might like to be involved.


Youth Design Academy (YDA)
Sessions start in March, for 8 weeks, only on Saturdays. There are generally two types of positions for YDA. One is to be a teacher. The other is a TA. There are generally four teachers, two in SF and two in the Eastbay. Being a teacher is leading the class and working with our curriculum to develop a lesson plan for the entire session—don’t worry, our team works with you the whole way! Teachers get a stipend at the end of the session. Being a TA is giving support to the teachers in the classroom. A teacher assistant is a volunteer position and a great way to ease your way in. Teachers and TAs usually fill out an application form online in November or December. For information about being a YDA teacher, please download our YDA guideline.

Our team selects the final teachers and teacher assistants by January. San Francisco classes are taught at the Academy of Art University. The Eastbay classes are taught at CCA in Oakland.

Learning Lab (LL)
Workshops generally start after YDA in late May or early June. However, based on the type or workshop, it could happen at anytime. Workshops are generally one-day classes, structured to provide youth with basic training as well as exposure to a variety of design disciplines. LL teachers are volunteers that work with our team to develop a short lesson plan. We provide one theme for the all workshops. Teachers submit ideas, and we will work with you to narrow your subject down into a final plan. Teachers normally are designers, from a variety of design disciplines such as interactive, graphic, industrial design and architecture. The more diverse the design discipline, the more our youth get a broader sense of what design is and what types of projects designers work on in the field.

Our team selects the final teachers for Learning Lab workshops. Classes are taught at the Art Institute in San Francisco, but could also take place at various locations in the Eastbay or at corporate headquarters as well. For more information, download our Learning Lab teacher guideline or email us.

Video Game Academy (VGA)
Video Game Academy is a four-class session during which students will learn to use game development software, create their own games, play/test and iterate, then release their games on major video game marketplaces. More information about specific teaching or TAing opportunities will be posted later.

Inneract Project

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