2017 Summer Recap

This summer was record breaking for us! With our goal to create a continuous learning track, we served more youth and diversified our programming (advanced classes). Learning Labs, our single-day workshops, covered a range of topics from mobile app design to designing your own logo! IP Video Game Academy taught students technical skills and career knowledge, and through our partnership with Autodesk, we piloted a 3D product design bootcamp for returning students.


Learning Labs

From June to August, we introduced 12 one-day Learning Lab workshops to youth in Middle and High School. Learning Labs are essential to design discovery, as they offer snapshots into various design fields and tools. Highlights from the workshops include:

Intro to Mobile App Design: Students dove into the role of a UX Designer by creating and testing paper prototypes of new mobile experiences. This workshop focused on developing empathy by  helping students understand all types of people who use mobile phones.

Learn Adobe Illustrator: Make your own Snapchat Filter!
Creating Snapchat filters was a fun way to challenge students to think about what represents their schools, neighborhoods, and communities and what makes those places special to them. They learned the how specific fonts evoke different feelings and then designed their own neighborhood filter in Adobe Illustrator.

Architecture Tour: Students met with IP volunteer, Tony Jackson, to explore hand sketching along San Francisco’s waterfront. Students were asked to find details of buildings and structures they found intriguing and to draw them by hand, being conscious of how they were conveying their inner thoughts within the sketches.

Major thanks to Yahoo for the laptops; Art Institute, California College of the Arts (CCA) Oakland, Mix Library (SFPL), Odopod, Moving Brands, Welkin Health, & Sysdig for hosting; families for their continued support; and, of course, our incredible volunteers!


IP Video Game Academy (VGA)

VGA was a 4 Saturday program held at the Art Institute and taught by IP’s veteran volunteers, Brian Bartram and Corey Jackson. Each class consisted of three components: learning about the history of their favorite games, creating their own game using the Stencyl software, and learning about what it’s like to work in the video game industry.

photos: Ether Ling, Vicky Guan (IP student)


IP-Autodesk Boot Camp

IP collaborated with Autodesk to create an exciting pilot design bootcamp. Over the course of two weeks, 12 incredibly smart and creative IP middle and high school students were immersed in the 3D product design process at Autodesk’s San Francisco office. The students worked with Autodesk and Neologix Engineering Labs staff to design and build lighting fixture prototypes.

photos: Richard Howard, Liz Garcia

Inneract Project

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