2017 Fall Recap

As we wrap up the year, these last three months have revolved around uncharted territory at Inneract Project. Video Game...

As we wrap up the year, these last three months have revolved around uncharted territory at Inneract Project. Video Game Academy made a substantial leap with a partnership with Gateway Middle School that allowed classes to be taken by 7th and 8th graders during school. We successfully piloted Youth Design Academy ‘1B’ Develop which focused on the design thinking to create a sustainable business model. Last but not least, we invited the Education and Tech community together to talk inclusion models that led to a turnout of over 300 people at SFJAZZ.

Fun and (Video) Games at Gateway (EDUCATION)

Video Game Academy expanded it’s program at Gateway Middle School to include both 7th and 8th grade students. The 12-week courses curriculum covered creating wide range of game types (platformers, puzzles games, top-down RPGs, shooters) while also educating students on the history of video games and pathways into the industry. The class garnered a considerable buzz as all classes filled up immediately once made available!

To start, students worked in pairs to create 2D video games using Stencyl while learning about the fundamentals of video game development and how design thinking forms the foundation of this process. Once the fundamentals we’re understood, the class challenged students to create their own games from scratch. The final results were impressive and showcased the creative and critical thinking skills. As the classes wrapped up, students expressed a desire to continue learning and creating video games on their own.

Piloting the Next Phase of Youth Design Academy (EDUCATION + ENTREPRENEURSHIP)

With our commitment to creating a continuous learning track, we piloted Youth Design Academy 2, a next step for returning IP students. 

The advanced curriculum set out to challenge students to apply design thinking process and entrepreneurship concepts towards addressing tangible, real world challenges. Throughout the course, the teams of 4 researched their challenges, listened to guest speakers from various sectors, and learned about sustainable business models. By the end, students presented their product to a panel, addressing constraints and business decisions. We are excited to roll out this pilot in the new year! 


The Education of Diversity (ADVOCACY)


More than 300 students, teachers, tech and design professionals, and youth gathered to hear from an expert panel about the role that education can play in tech and design, as well as the issues most affecting recruitment and retention in these fields. The panel was was comprised of education and tech leaders from Dropbox, Pinterest, Tech Crunch, Girls Garage, Level Playing Field Institute, and Realm Charter School. Check out our recap video and can’t wait to keep the momentum going.