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Exploring The Education of Diversity

In 2015, Inneract Project hosted its first-ever panel on diversity and inclusion. That event brought forth an honest, open, and frank discussion about diversity issues in the tech industry and how to develop more informed inclusion strategies.

On November 14 of this year, we sought to do that again with a follow-up event, The Education of Diversity. More than 300 students, teachers, minorities, and youth gathered to hear from an expert panel about the role that education can play in tech and design, as well as the issues most affecting recruitment and retention in these fields. The panel was comprised of representatives from Dropbox, Pinterest, Tech Crunch, Girls Garage, Level Playing Field Institute, and Realm Charter School.

Too often, those that are most affected by the lack of diversity in tech are not included in conversations about diversity. Not interested in keeping the status quo, we plan forward and it starts with events like these.

Relive the experience by checking out our recap video and photos!