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Program Spotlight: IP Studio

We wanted to better understand how we could better support our students by setting them up for success in college and beyond, so we created IP Studio, a 6-class summer program in which youth can pursue their passion for design with a concentrated opportunity to level up skills and gain exposure to the industry.

During the program, we asked our students, “How might design solve a need in your community?” Over these 6 weeks, students…

✔︎ Conducted research
✔︎ Ideated on solutions
✔︎ Leveled up in Figma
✔︎ Created a storytelling narrative
✔︎ Worked with design professionals

Here’s a an excerpt of one of our brilliant student portfolios from IP Studio! Want to see more of their work? Get your tickets to our 15th Year Celebration and stop by the Student Gallery for some serious innovation and inspiration 💡IP15 tickets available at: