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Introducing Black Aspirations Matter (BAM) Scholarship

Inneract Project and BAM logos in front of a colorful geometric background

As Black, Latinx, and underrepresented designers of color, we know that being connected with folks who root for our success can make all the difference in our career journeys. We are excited to announce our partnership with Black Aspirations Matter (BAM), a grassroots, inter-community effort to raise funds for Black college students who are interested in careers in design or technology.

BAM was created by a group of concerned Southeast Asian and East Asian allies who work in education. As a group of Asian Americans, they recognized the complex inter-community history and decided to take action to create a better future for all. As Education professionals, they recognized the power of education as both a tool for advancement & oppression. The group strives to see a world where Black students are a priority and where opportunities for their educational advancement are embedded in institutions.

BAM hopes to raise at least $10,000 to award 5 college students $2,000 each in support of their tuition, housing, food, and anything else related to their academic endeavors.

If you know a student in need and interested in a career in design and/or technology, encourage them to apply for the BAM scholarship and follow BAM on Instagram.

BAM is the first partner of Inneract Project’s Community Board, a new project where we list collaborations within and for our communities and ways to support them. Stay tuned for more announcements, and be sure check out the entire Community Board!