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Interning with eBay: Reflections from a Rising Designer

Meet Julian Body, a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Design at the University of Washington (UW). Julian’s first exposure to Inneract Project took place at UW, when he attended a talk given by our founder and executive directorMaurice “Mo” Woods—a graduate of UW himself. Julian reached out to Mo afterwards, and over a year later, they have a strong mentor/mentee relationship.

Since we last saw him, Julian has been quite busy—he competed as an NCAA Division I athlete, earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Product Design, and even completed a summer internship with eBay, where he worked with the Core Product team to develop the company’s vision for the future.

Having made such amazing strides towards establishing himself as a working professional in the design industry, we wanted to sit down with Julian to learn more about his experience and to provide him the opportunity to impart his learnings on the next generation of designers of color following him.