IP Design-a-thon 2018

A hack-a-thon style sprint during SF Design Week, where teams of IP students and designers  addressed a community challenge through design. Companies included Amazon, Adobe, Air BnB, and Collins.

This year, during San Francisco AIGA Design Week in June, we partnered with Amazon, Adobe, Air BnB, and Collins to host our First Design-a-thon. Teams of 4 advancing IP students and company employees participated a 4-day sprint, working on a challenge that was  

Community-based, context-driven, and systematic.

In scope, using real outside interviews of teachers, prototyping, and testing to work towards the best possible creative solutions. Solutions were presented at the San Francisco Design Week 2018 Design-a-thon Mixer & Showcase, hosted by Amazon.

How might we help teachers get the resources they need?

Group 1: Through interviews, students discovered that K-12 teachers are having to spend too much personal time and money outside of the classroom to support their students. They created “DOUGH-nation” a service to fund classrooms. 

Group 2: Students learned a range of research methods, as well as ideation and storyboarding techniques.  The group focused on the ways that people with disabilities are sometimes excluded unknowingly, discussing the ways that design can be accessible.

How might we help teachers maintain communication with parents?

Group 3: Developed through rounds of research, planning, prototyping, wireframing, and sketching, “Connect” puts grades, announcements and schedules in one place. In addition to the design of an app, students created a full brand system (shwag included).

Group 4: After bringing in parents and teachers to discuss issues, students created “Teach Link,” to organize important dates, make communication more convenient, and help parents be more involved with their child’s school life.

“These girls are going to be my boss some day.” — Jen Cotton, Amazon