Youth Design Academy 2: 2018

Intermediate IP students pitched their own briefs for projects in YDA2.

YDA2 teaches continuing IP students design thinking and challenges them to apply their learnings towards a community-centric project. YDA2 students have all graduated on from ip’s first Youth Design Academy.

How might we help young adults socialize with their peers?

Shown above: logo for “Friends w/ Maps”— to help young adults socialize more outside of their phone.

Takeaways? “I learned about the growth mindset v.s the fixed mindset”

How might we improve the sleep quality for teens?

“Smartphones and tablets disrupt sleep, in part, because they emit what’s known as “blue” light. This light is picked up by special cells behind our eyeballs, and it communicates to the brain that it’s morning. (Red light, meanwhile, signals that it’s time togo to sleep).”

How might we help people stay off their phones while they are driving?

“Hands off” 
An app that allows you to have a“hands off mode” that connects to your car by bluetooth to prevent furthers accidents.

This group tackled financial literacy education with imagined scenarios.